If you are currently receiving meals and have any questions about the service, please contact your local Case Management Agency for more information.

Is Citymeals on Wheels the same as meals on wheels?

Citymeals on Wheels is a meals on wheels program serving the homebound elderly in New York City. We partner with community-based organizations and senior centers to supplement the city’s weekday meal delivery program.

Where does Citymeals on Wheels deliver?

Citymeals delivers meals in all five boroughs of New York City – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

What if I don’t live in New York City but need home-delivered meals?

Call the Hunger Hotline at 866-3-HUNGRY (English) or 877-8-HAMBRE (Español) for further assistance.

Who is eligible to receive meals?

To qualify for home-delivered meals, a person must be at least 60 years old. In addition, the individual must have a chronic physical or mental disability preventing him or her from shopping for food or preparing meals for himself or herself.

What if I have SNAP benefits or have a home health aide?

Even if you have SNAP benefits, you are still eligible to get meals. If you have a home health aide who cannot prepare a meal to fit your dietary or religious restrictions, or if he or she is designated to assist only with other tasks, you still qualify.

What should I do if I don’t qualify to receive meals?

If you live in New York City, call 311 for more information about other meal assistance programs. If you live outside of New York City, call the Hunger Hotline at 866-3-HUNGRY (English) or 877-8-HAMBRE (Español).

How can I sign up to receive meals?

You must call your local Case Management Agency to be assessed for eligibility. Enter your zip code below to find your local Case Management Agency.

How is my eligibility determined?

A case manager will visit you at home to determine eligibility. He or she will ask questions about your personal background, including medical information. You will not have to provide financial information or details about your documentation status.

Once I’m deemed eligible, how long will it take to start receiving meals?

When you call your local Case Management Agency, someone will arrange an assessment appointment in your home. Typically, an assessment will be made shortly after your initial phone call with your Case Management Agency. Once you are deemed eligible, meals will start right away.

Do I have to pay for meals?

There are no fees to receive meals, but a recipient may provide a voluntary contribution based on what he or she can afford to pay.

What does a typical meal include?

Each meal fulfills 1/3 of an elderly person’s daily nutritional requirements. Meals are low in fat and sodium and do not contain added sugar. Meals consist of an entrée – including a protein, vegetable and carbohydrate – a small container of fat-free milk, a slice of whole wheat bread and a small dessert with no sugar added (e.g. fresh fruit, juice or apple sauce). All meals are approved by a nutritionist.

What if I need special meals due to dietary restrictions?

Some meal providers can serve special meals based on dietary needs such as kosher diets. Contact us at 212-687-1234 or getmeals@citymeals.org to see if this is possible in your community.

How many meals are delivered each day?

One meal is provided each day. 

When are meals delivered?

Delivery times are determined by each meal center. Contact us at 212-687-1234 or getmeals@citymeals.org to learn more about your local center.

What if I only need meals on a temporary basis?

Citymeals is available for anyone over the age of 60 who meets eligibility requirements at any time, whether he or she is temporarily or permanently homebound.

What if I live in a walk-up?

Our staff and volunteers deliver meals to the elderly living in walk-ups, buildings with elevators and private homes on a regular basis.

What if I’m in need of groceries and able to leave home?

If you are in need of groceries and able to leave home, visit FoodHelp NYC for a list of food pantries and community kitchens across the five boroughs.

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